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About Us

Hello and welcome to Altered Artichoke! My name is Tammy. I am the owner of Altered Artichoke. I currently live in Southwest Virginia near Roanoke in the United State. I have been selling my Dictionary Art Prints online since 2008.

I have always loved history and vintage/antique/old stuff.  There is a treasure trove of images out there that fall into that old vintage category.  These images are from an era before photography or at least during the time of transition when books, magazines, and newspapers were still using a lot of wood or metal engravings of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations.  These artists are long gone, and a lot of their work has been forgotten.  I enjoy discovering these images and then I scan them at a high resolution, clean them up in Photoshop, and offer them to be printed on recycled dictionary pages so you and others can enjoy them as artwork in your home.

I offer dictionary wall art prints with vintage style images as well as animals, plants, anatomy, food, holidays, movies, people, symbols, typography, and some strange and fun images too.  I am always on the lookout for more vintage or fun images that I can use for my Dictionary Art Prints.  I also combine some of these images with each other or with words and phrases to create my own new images.  Being a mixed media artist on the side, I really love creating my own new digital collages and other new digital images.  I think you’ll find a good selection of categories and images here, but if there is something you would really like and I don’t have it here, just ask.  I will try to find what you have in mind.